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What Will It Take To Wake America Up? Carrie Geren Scoggins

https://youtu.be/GZ4X8_hq5LI  NOTES ON VIDEO BELOW

The bringing in of homosexuality into our daily lives, yet there has never been found a gay gene, nor clump of genes creating a homosexual, nor any epi-genetic markers cutting on a gay gene, as stated by the American Medical Association in the DOMA hearings.

Democrats again want religious and political censorship, "amending the 1st Amendment." Remember this when you vote. It's time for Christians to get politically active.

Christian students protected by "Biblical core values ruling," and 1964 Civil Rights Act, protected class under religion, and 1st Amendment rights, while on government land.


Act, protected class under religion, Biblical core values ruling, & the 1st Amendment protects Christian students, Christian employees on the job, Christian schools and Universities, Christian own businesses, & churches.

The 24th Amendment, based on the Poll Tax

law, forbids taxing anyone, or any group, for

practicing what is a civil right, such as that of supporting a candidate that best represents them. This is a civil right inside a Republic.

The IRS admitted to plotting to violate Christian civil rights, in bed with their political opposition, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, violating the Christians protected class status, 1964 Civil Rights Act, and abuse of a public office precedents.

Support Christian civil rights, even if you are not Christian. "You are not a Libertarian until you support the legal rights of those that you despise."

The Christian haters will work as informants against the Christians, trying to get them arrested, in these end times. The gay activists are already doing so, attempting to enforce the now overturned hate speech law, though it is illegal religious discrimination and abuse of a public office. Be ready to video the informants, and file suit against the state. The daughters of the great whore want you the Christian arrested, so they can fully bring in their New World Order antichrist beast system.

Federal law enforcement agencies squandered almost 100 billion, by each separate agency, in needless surveillance, and admitted to watching political and religious groups, which violates abuse of a public office laws.  This money making scheme made of surveillance has opened the door to political and religious harassment, civil rights violations, abuse of a public office, and created a Nazi style police state, akin to the stasis of Nazi Germany, where 1/3 of their citizens were informants.

When each federal agency wastes almost 100 billion dollars each in surveillance, one can note, since only half this amount would have been enough to have policed the whole globe, that they are not just watching criminals. This ensures political and religious civil rights are being violated.

Will Americans sit by watching others have their civil rights violated, keeping quite in order to continue getting a needless informant check. Is money more important than Biblical morals? Will Americans act like the German informants who took the money, instead of standing up for what is right? 

The Christian hater gay informants, and gay law enforcement, are already trying to get something on the Christians, violating Biblical core values ruling & 1964 Civil Rights Act, coupled with the 1st Amendment rights of Christians, when speaking against the gay lifestyle is not illegal, the hate speech law was overturned!  This is the beast system, already acting like the Nazi's.

Christian hater gay informants, & gay law enforcement, are already trying to get something on the Christians, violating Biblical core values ruling, 1964 Civil Rights Act, & 1st Amendment rights of Christians, yet speaking against the gay lifestyle is not illegal, the hate speech law was overturned!  This is the beast system, as they are already acting like the Nazi's.

When the Federal Supreme Court overturned the "hate speech" law, they upheld our "legal right to debate the issues," giving the gay activists no legal grounds to believe that the U.S. can censor those opposing their views!

Church members, and ministers, alike, need to be ready to audio and video record, all those around them, preparing for court.

Transvestites & homosexuals were not just out in the open, in Nazi Germany, they were informants for the all gay brown-shirts regiment, hunting down Christians and Jews due to their religious tenets on homosexuality. This is seen again in this end times beast governmental system.

THERE IS NO FREEDOM FROM RELIGION, the Federal Supreme Court upheld our "legal right to proselytize," that from the full uncensored Bible, including scriptures on homosexuality such as Romans chap 1.

The Federal Supreme Court upheld our legal right to proselytize the gospel, while on government land.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cleveland, TN minister & county commissioner sues state over gay marriag...

Cleveland, TN attorney, minister, and county commissioner sue the state over clarification of gay marriage law, Tennessee Times News.
Attorney inquires from the state on the Federal Supreme Court decision, and how it applies to state marriage licenses. Can the court, after declaring a law unconstitutional, then turn and enact a new state law, to replace the one that the court has said was invalid. Courts can not pass statues, only legislative bodies can pass statues, the Supreme Court seems to have passed a statue for the states."

GA bill goes before GA Senate,
ATLANTA (AP) – A bill headed toward a vote in the Georgia Senate would allow faith-based organizations to refuse services to same-sex couples without government penalties, including loss of taxpayer funding.

The powerful Senate Rules committee Tuesday added that language to a bill unanimously approved by the House last week allowing religious officials to decline performing same-sex marriage ceremonies. The move combines two of the eight bills introduced this year seeking legal exemptions for opponents of same-sex marriage after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively legalized the unions.

The bill protecting pastors received little opposition on its way to a House vote. But gay-rights advocates have harshly criticized the broader Senate bill, known as the “First Amendment Defense Act,” that shields adoption agencies, schools and other organizations from penalties for opposing same-sex marriage.


-Pastors across the nation need to be reminded of the "Biblical core values" Federal Supreme Court ruling, citing their legal right to "adhere to Biblical core values," such as Romans chapter 1.

The wall of separation of church and state keeping the state out of the church, preventing Bible censorship, or state approved sermons.

The hate speech law now overturned in the Federal Supreme Court, in the "Phelps" hearing, cited our "legal right to debate the issues," citing homosexuality and Islam, as well as any issue from a Biblical viewpoint.

The Biblical core values ruling allows the church to refusal to perform gay weddings, the "legal right to debate the issues," upheld when the hate speech law was overturned prevents sermon, or Bible, censorship, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act giving religion "protected class status under the law," prevents the state from going after churches due to doctrine, or discriminating against Christians due to religious tenets.

The Biblical core values ruling, and hate speech law overturned upholding our "legal right to debate the issues," protect Christian's 1st Amendment rights!


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